Inspire Yourself Daily

I was fortunate to grow up in Northern Maine where adventures were just part of everyday. My folks loved the great outdoors which I am most thankful for at this point in my life. Mom enjoyed documenting our many activities and then later on we would sit around eating popcorn and viewing the silliness. So I suppose I've always been around loads of images and being able to look back and reflect through those images has brought me great joy.

I moved to Colorado after college to pursue a career in the ski business, which I'm still involved in over 30 plus yrs later. Besides being a freelance photographer I'm a teacher/coach/skier/cyclist/student of body movement/lover of life - living out loud every opportunity I have.

My photography is based on life is an adventure, live it! Adventure being an exciting and unusual experience. It can be risky or not. It can be solo or shared experiences by two-legged or four-legged beings. Simply venture out to see what the world has to offer. I aspire to have viewers take a personal journey through my images by having them feel, explore, imagine, connect, see the world's magic, understand, enjoy, see what the eyes can't see.