Be Prepared for Anything

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From time to time we're reminded Sport is Life. Through the lens I observed masterful mountain bike coaches work their magic in their own unique way with one common goal, getting MORE WOMEN to RIDE MORE and have MORE FUN doing so. Rebecca Rusch, Leigh Donovan, Linsdey Voreis, and Sara Jarrell shared their enormous passion for riding bikes. The women attending the third stop on the 2015 SRAM Gold Rusch Tour were certainly the winners at this year's Outside Magazine Bike and Brews Festival in Sante Fe.  The two days where action packed with riding in the morning and hands on indoor sessions on technique, equipment and nutrition in the afternoon. For both rides their were 40 women in attendance with a waitlist. WOW!

Mountain bike riding by nature is adventuresome. Setting out on an unknown trail can be daunting but for sure it will be exciting. Exciting in ways that are predictable as well as unpredictable such as; having to adjust to different weather conditions, broken equipment, or being out there much longer than anticipated. Rebecca Rusch knows first hand about unpredictability from her experiences being a professional adventure racer, rock climber, mountain biker and firefighter. She has trained herself to be prepared for anything. This is one of the elements she helps women gain confidence and comfort in during her SRAM Gold Rusch Tour events held throughout the country.

The Dale Ball Trailhead parking area was the place to be on May 15 and 16. The ladies met the coaching staff, got there bikes looked at by the SRAM specialists for any last minute tweaking or just simply inflating their tires. As it does weather happened. On the first day the women set off in the pouring rain. All of the coaches were immediately impressed buy the grit and determination these women had to spend time with them and to ride their bikes. 

A common thread the coaches shared with the women was that they need to take charge of their bikes, they need to tell their bikes what they want it to do. The nuisances in terrain are external details that can only be handled successfully by how the person behind the handlebars handles the internal choices. Work on becoming the best bike rider possible to allow your bike to have the most fun possible.

The second day weather happened again this time in the form of snow but as it was the coaches and women were grateful and accepted the moment for what it was and rode while learning together the meaning of being prepared for anything.

The following is part of a visual story from third stop of the SRAM Gold Rusch Tour in Sante Fe during the 2015 Outside Magazine Bike and Brew Festival.


Rebecca Rusch's all star team - Colleen Quindlen, Leigh Donavan, Lindsey Voreis, Sara Jarrell, Andy and Scott from SRAM.


Rebecca greeting everyone before heading on the trails.

Goldruschtour#3-31Goldruschtour#3-31 Rebecca helping this lady plan ahead and visual where she wants to go and the bike will follow.

3G8A16103G8A1610 Lindsey Voreis coaching this lady to move on the bike not to just let the bike drop off the rocky ledge.


Leigh Donovan showing the importance of ou will go where you look so be selective. Goldruschtour#3-38Goldruschtour#3-38 Lindsey celebrating with this lady her successful ride up the rocks.

3G8A12113G8A1211 Goldruschtour#3-11Goldruschtour#3-11


Sara Jarrell was coaching out on the trail and sharing the tools of the trade indoors - basic bike maintenance.


Lots of great schwag was handed out during the raffles.


Pedal selection with assist the rider with ease and comfort on the bike - flats are in.


Some of the ladies showed up with shower caps over their helmets on the second day turns out they were the smart ones.


Lots of smiling going on...


Goldruschtour#3-3Goldruschtour#3-3 Goldruschtour#3-30Goldruschtour#3-30

If a measurement of success is the size of the smile then I would say The Queen of Pain is feeling successful with this SRAM Gold Rusch event.


Being ready for anything starts with what fits in this helmet. 

 Go out and ride your bike and have fun.














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