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October 08, 2014  •  3 Comments


The connections I've made while riding or simply talking about riding are too many to count. These connections have been life changing. One of those meaningful connections took place this past weekend. I had the privilege to shoot at OuterBike in Moab during the SRAM Gold Rusch Tour held by Rebecca Rusch. The SRAM Gold Rusch Tour was designed by Rebecca Rusch to get women of all ages outdoors and on their bicycles. The tour features seven unique events with the goal of increasing women’s participation in mountain biking and cycling by offering fun, social, and non-intimidating venues that educate and empower. Outerbike was one of those stops. The nice thing about this stop was the women could try different bikes and join the groups to hone their skills. A win-win for everyone. 

Rebecca Rusch known as "The Queen of Pain" is also all about making connections through riding and sharing stories about riding. For three days she and her team  coached women on proper bike set-up, basic bike mechanics, and riding in the high desert terrain around Moab. They rode on the Brand Loops and Mag 7, a combination of technical sections in the Gemini Bridges region. 


Rebecca Rusch picking up her freshly tuned steed, a Specialized Women Era, from the Specialized tent before meeting the women joining her for the first day of her SRAM Gold Rusch Tour at OuterBike in Moab.


Rebecca and Susan Robinson greet riders as they come to sign up for the day clinic. Ladies are all smiles - it's going to be a great day.


First things first coaches help riders assess their tire pressure...


their bike suspension...


have a few laughs along the way. Bike riding is FUN!!!


Rebecca reminds everyone of what to bring with you on a ride: sunscreen, tube and pump, liquids and food along with a good sense of humor and adventure.


The Magnificent 7 trail system offers up plenty of beauty a challenge.


No doubt these riders brought their sense of humor and adventure as they head done Gemini Bridges Road towards Mag7.


Sandi Hagel riding on the Bull run section of Mag7.


Jennifer Biondi and two other riders ride through a Moab postcard scene.


Rebecca riders among the women riders on the North 40 trail in the Brand Loop trail system.



At times training sessions take place in the cools spots.


RIders honing their bike riding skills before heading out on trail.


This rider is feeling pretty successful with this empowering fist punch. Mission accomplished.


Rebecca can now add author to her list of many accomplishments. Inspired by riders like the one in the previous image she has crafted a truly inspiring and motivational book that will leave you planning your next adventure - Rusch to Glory


This rider celebrates the days ride with Rebecca and fellow coach Jennifer Biondi.


Rebecca Rusch is all smiles as she gets to make impactful connections with women riding bikes. Life is good!!! Check out her clinics next season at but before then pick up her book Rusch to Glory. Enoy the ride.


Thanks for photographing the sessions. Even though you caught me in a crash I appreciated you taking the time to show me (on your camera) what I did wrong.
Mark Sevenoff(non-registered)
Nice meeting you and GREAT photos! Your crew sure did have some fun out there!
Jennifer Biondi(non-registered)
Linda, thanks for capturing so many great memories of coaching and riding with the women that take the opportunity to improve their riding skills as part of Rebecca's SRAM Gold Rusch Tour. This was an amazing program that allowed me to give back to a sport that has given so much to me. Big thanks to Rebecca Rusch and all of her sponsors that put miles of smiles on our faces!
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